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A 2018 survey conducted by the Canadian Council on Invasive Species indicated that the majority of people do not clean, drain and dry their boats and other recreational water equipment. However, people were very perceptive and open to behaviour changes if educated on why they should change their behaviours. As such, NBISC is working with partners on various public outreach initiatives to increase awareness through the following activities: 

Public Outreach & Presentations

We are getting the word out about invasive species and their impacts by attending events (such as angling tournaments, farmers markets, & tradeshows), and delivering presentations to different user groups. If you/your organization is interested in learning more about aquatic invasive species or have an event you would like to us attend, please contact us!

CDD Signage at Boat Launches

Installation of CLEAN DRAIN DRY information signs at boat launches throughout the province, as a reminder to boaters who are transporting watercraft. This initiative builds on the work done by the New Brunswick Alliance of Lake Associations, the St. John River Society, & NB Department of Energy & Resource Development in 2018/2019. If you have a boat launch you would like to see a sign installed at, please contact us!

CCD Pledge Campaign

A key facet of the program is getting people to take the CLEAN DRAIN DRY pledge, whereby they commit to adopt the CDD steps in order to do their part to reduce the spread of aquatic invasive species. We collect pledges at all of our outreach events, and people can take the pledge online by visiting and clicking the “TAKE THE PLEDGE” tab.

“I commit to Clean, Drain, and Dry my boat and other recreational water equipment before entering another water body. By doing so, I am committing to protecting the ecological, economic, and recreational interests of New Brunswick from the threat of aquatic invasive species.”

Capacity-Building & Collaboration

A main tenet of the NBISC is to enhance collaboration and build capacity around invasive species management in the province. Currently, there is little to no direction in New Brunswick when it comes to invasive species prevention and management. Unlike in other provinces that have legislated mandates regarding invasive species, here in New Brunswick there are no legal requirements to manage them and no direction given to governing bodies or landowners . As a result, the roles and responsibilities for invasive species management are unclear.

While various initiatives are underway within different government departments, environmental organizations, and industry, these are often piecemealed, disconnected, and/or lacking the resources they need. By bringing these groups together, NBISC aims to optimize and expand on these efforts to move invasive species management forward on a provincial-scale. 

Specific to the CLEAN DRAIN DRY program, our capacity-building & collaborative activities include the following:

Partnership Development & Support

Working with partners and stakeholder groups with a vested interest in aquatic invasive species management to:

  1. Develop program elements based on identified needs

  2. To deliver CDD messaging and educational programming to the public. 

Partners include the Canadian Council on Invasive Species, Dr. Meghann Bruce, NB Department of Energy & Resource Development, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Saint John River Society, New Brunswick Alliance of Lakes Association, and the New Brunswick Sportfishing Association.

Training & Capacity Development

  • Target species ID workshops and presentations to enhance skills and access to knowledge & tools to better manage invasive species and roll out CLEAN DRAIN DRY programming in their area

  • Provision of resources to roll out the program, such as materials and human resources

  • To take part or for more information, please contact us!

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Resource Development & Sharing

  • Development of educational resources and province-wide, consistent messaging

  • Program materials are made available for partners to distribute, such as information cards, boat stickers, and floating keychains. Get in touch with us if you are interested in obtaining education materials for your organization and/or membership

Coordinating Data

  • Investigate options for province-wide system for reporting invasive species


  • Encourage and facilitate sharing of existing data across groups to strengthen data sets

Take The Pledge

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Ready to do your part to stop aquatic hitchhikers? Take the pledge to CLEAN, DRAIN, and DRY to help us prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species!

Visit for more information.